We will look into how Apache Spark works and its components viz, Spark Core, Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, MLLib, GraphX. We will build a machine learning application based on linear regression.

Let's explore classification in machine learning viz Logistic Regression, K-Nearest Neighbors, Support Vector Machine, Kernel SVM, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree Classification, Random Forest Classification

Let's explore regression in machine learning viz Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, Support Vector Regression, Decision Tree and Random Forest

what is machine learning, why we need it. Classification of ML. Installation of Anaconda, Spyder. How to process data and build linear regression model.

What are Reactive Systems? Why we need Reactive Systems? Detailed discussion on Responsive, Resilient, Elastic and Message Driven nature of Reactive Systems.

We will cover Container technology. Brief introduction of Docker Engine, Images, Containers, Volumes, Docker Registries and Docker Client Server.

Learn Solidity constructs divided into simplified tutorials

Detailed analysis of Solidity Mappings

We will discuss what is an ICO and ERC20 Token.

We will start our own private network using Geth (GO Ethereum)

We will discuss what is Smart Contract. Smart Contract on Ethereum and related Terminology.

We will answer what is BlockChain and How does blockchain technology works. Characteristics of Blockchain. Brief of election algorithms e.g. Proof of Work and Proof of stake.